How the Universe Ends

It used to be common knowledge that the universe started with a big bang and eventually gravity would pull it all back together in a big crunch.  But they recently figured out that the universe isn’t slowly collapsing, it’s actually growing at faster and faster rates.  People are scratching their heads asking, “So how does it all end?”

Here’s your answer: it doesn’t.

As they saw with the LHC, particles spontaneously appear in empty space.  Because the universe is expanding, there is a larger amount of space between things.  As this space becomes larger, particles will spontaneously appear more often.  Eventually – as I think has happened before – the space between will become so large that a particle equivalent to what created the big bang will appear.

But we won’t know.  We’ll be too far away for it to affect us.

So the question really isn’t “How does it end?”  The question is “How much space is there?”

I know.  Deep.


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