Jed Jr. Issue 3 is on the Way!

It’s taken a couple years and a couple kids, but the next issue of Jed Jr. is finally available.

Or at least it will be soon.  I always forget in this era of everything always available all the time everywhere that printing a comic book takes time.

Last I checked it’ll be available in about 10 days,

Maybe I should just shut up until then.

Or maybe I shouldn’t.  It’s not like I have legions of fans waiting for the next installment.  Unlike Star Wars Episode 7 or Avengers 2, it’s not like I have entire social media outlets dedicated to how Tiny Life turns out; no one’s hanging on to every clue (yet).  The number of people purchasing the trades is literally hundreds of times the number of people buying the individual comics.

So why do it?

So I can have more posts.

Like this one.

(And since this is just an announcement saying that I’m done and eventually you’ll be able to buy the book,) you’ll probably see another one once it’s available for shipping.


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