Pendulum of Work

I’m amazed at how little progress there is in just about everything.  Republicans one year “have the answer” and then it’s the Democrats, then it’s back to the GOP; eggs are bad for you, then they’re good, and then bad again; standardized testing is the answer to society’s problems, then they’re evil, now they’re our golden ticket again (albeit this time they’re on the internet).  Everything always swings back and forth.

When I first started working at my real job (for some reason taking two year off from Tiny Life hurt my comic-book pocket-book) 10 years ago, there was a break room right down the hall.  Everyone congregated down there to complain about their jobs; specifically, they complained about the break room not having a sink.  Once a week or so someone would be in up-in-arms about not being able to rinse out their coffee mugs (which, ironically, never left their hands) or clear off their plate (which, ironically, only had to be cleaned off if they were eating a salad; apple crisp and pizza plates never seemed to need rinsing).  One person wanted to rinse out her zip-lock bags to reuse them and then expounded endlessly about how she could retire early if only she could’ve saved two-and-a-half cents per day by reusing the plastic where she kept her sandwich.

Eventually the workplace got an upgrade and we got ourselves a break room with a sink.  Problem solved.  But the break room was WAY down the hall.  No one used it.  It’s been sitting virtually empty for about 10 years.

This past year they decided to move the break room across the hall from where the break room used to be.  Still no sink.  But it’s always busy.  There’s just no place to rinse out your coffee cup…


The Wife has been at her job almost as long as I’ve been at mine.  Within a few days of her starting there, every employee got an assigned parking space based on seniority.  Once someone retired, you moved forward.  This solved a problem they were having where people who got to work early not only got to get home before everyone else, they also got the best parking spots.

It was announced this week – about ten years later – that they would no longer be assigning parking spots because they wanted to foster a feeling of community in their building.


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