Imagine Dragons

I’ve always said I was biased when it comes to music.

If New Kids on the Block put out a song that was better than anything Metallica ever did, I still wouldn’t buy it.  For some reason I’ve always thought that by liking one particular song from an artist means that I am automatically a fan of the artist, and if I’m a fan of the artist, I’m a fan of the genre.  It’s why I’ve never liked a single country song.  As I’ve grown older, this concept has lighted up a bit, but it still rings true.  Case in point: Imagine Dragons.

I didn’t like their first offering.  It’s not original, it’s not catchy (my two criteria for music), and that stupid damn chorus, “I’m never changing who I am,” is downright annoying; I can imagine hearing it from any Taylor Swift of the day.

Plus, their name is fucking stupid.  I have a hard time respecting anyone who has anything to do with dragons (The Wife read that Eragon book (which, by the way, is just “dragon” without the “d”) for a few days and I had a hard time looking her in the eye).  So here comes this band full of good music where their only mistake with me is leading with a bad song and having a ridiculous name.

Which one of these is bad?

My musical bias is hurting my musical taste.


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