Is it just me or are we overcompensating for everything?

This past week I had to attend three different conferences in three different locations.  If you’ve ever been to a conference, you know the routine: you walk up to one of the several sets of doors, walk through breezeway, and talk to the receptionist; she, of course, has no idea about your conference.  Once you find the room, you sit in the back (because it’s easier to sneak out and “use the bathroom” between eight and ten times during your stay), and turn your brain off.  But here’s what I don’t get: it’s not a comfortable temperature in any of these locations.  What do you think comfortable is to most people?  68-72?  The breezeway is 105, the receptionist is in her window; it seems nice in there, but in the hallway it’s easily ice skating weather.  The hallways of the building seem either way too hot or way too cold for just being a hallway (aren’t these places in the middle of buildings?  Aren’t they the easiest to keep at a normal temperature?).  My “classroom” fluctuated heavily between 60 and 80 the entire day.  Even the toilet was so cold that it hurt to pee (which is a thing ladies: when a man’s wee-wee is cold, it shrinks up.  If it shrinks too much, the hole gets tiny and it must be stretched to release itself).

At the end of three days – keep in mind, this was three days in different places with different teachers sponsored by different organizations – I walked into my house and said out loud, “Thank god.  Someone knows normal.”


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