Urgent Care

I was feeling fine all day today.  I dropped the kids off at day care, I went to work, I made dinner… but for some reason I started to shiver around four o’clock.  Uncontrollably.  Once I picked the kids up and fed them, I jumped into bed and couldn’t get warm.  I put on my fleece jacket.  I put on my winter coat.  I put on my winter hat.  I sat with my blanket on top of the heater vent.  Nothing could warm me up.

Once The Wife got home we went to urgent care.  She dropped me off and took the kids… shopping?  I don’t remember.  All I know is I went back to the doctor’s office and they took my temperature.  It was 106.  Although that’s dangerously, brain-damagingly high, a temperature that high is not uncommon for me (as a side-note, I remember my mom setting me in a tepid bath at like 17 years old because my fever was so high.  All I can really remember about it is that I didn’t like that cold water and that my mom had seen my dongle).

Once the nurse had her way with me, the “doctor” (she was some sort of medical assistant that has enough knowledge to say, “You seem warm.  Here’s some aspirin”) took me back to the examination room.  After an hour or so they finally diagnosed that I was sick for some reason.  The “doctor” kept trying to convince me to go to the Emergency Room to get looked at.  Since this was about 7:00 PM, I figured I didn’t want to spend the next six hours in a hospital so that they can also tell me, “You seem warm.  Here’s some aspirin”.

Now that I think about it, I might’ve taken her advice if she were a real doctor.  I wonder why I didn’t?  It’s not like the advice is any less valid.  Maybe it’s like that episode of Seinfeld where Estelle thinks she’s getting advice from a Chinese woman named Donna Chang, but it’s just some white lady.

Anyway, I agreed for a checkup tomorrow at Urgent Care since Quinoa has to have her check-up anyway.  Maybe I’ll get to see the real doctor.


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