emergencyThis morning, as promised, I went in for a follow-up.  I took the day off work and went with The Wife to help with Quinoa’s yearly checkup.  She’s fine.  I’m in the hospital.

When we got there, we told the receptionist that all four of us had to see the doctor: I had a follow-up appointment, Quinoa had a “well-child visit” (what a stupid name), The Wife had a cough she couldn’t shake, and Lemon was just being a pain.

We all went in and the actual doctor took a look at all of us.  She gave Quinoa an inoculation of some sort, she gave The Wife some antibiotics of some sort, and she gave Lemon a stern talking to (because, let’s face it, Lemon needs it).  To me she said, “Why are you not in the hospital?”

To which I replied, “Because I don’t think I feel bad enough to go to the hospital.”  I wanted to go on a tirade about how I think Americans use the health system too much and that’s really the reason it’s so bloated and expensive.  I wanted to say that emergency rooms should be for emergencies only: broken bones, children found in dumpsters, erections that last more than four hours.  But I didn’t.

She then mentioned my heart condition – which is my kryptonite – and how a high fever and coughing could definitely affect it (which is really what I’ve been afraid of for a few days now.  My dad had congestive heart failure and all he really felt was fevery and winded, just like me).  She said that she’d fill out some paperwork so I could go to the hospital and get some tests done; the results of these tests would take a few days.  She said that if I went to the emergency room that I could get these tests taken care of “right away.”

I asked her to define “right away.”  She stumbled over the question.  I said, “This is why I didn’t go last night.  By ‘right away,’ do you mean five or six hours?”  She said yes.

So we took the kids to day care, had some lunch, and then went to the emergency room where I got a chest x-ray and an IV and a lot of blood work.  Six hours later, they sent me to the hospital.  Now I’m sitting in a cold room in an uncomfortable bed watching very limited cable (it doesn’t even get all the local stations) while people take my blood pressure every 45 minutes.

Considering they don’t want me to leave the bed without help, this is going to be a long day (or three.  Hopefully not three).


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