Ch 8 Photocast is Available!

Ch. 8 is complete!

It was a rough one.  Originally there were 8 or 9 pages, but because there were a couple of bad pictures and a couple of bad words, I kind of had to redo the thing, condensing it down to 6 pages (which, by the way, seems to be the only good part about using a computer to do finishes on the pages – cutting and pasting is a breeze).  But, this photocast contains a treat: I included the never-to-be-published pictures as well.  Watch them in all their no-one-will-ever-look-at-them glory!  Let it bathe over you!

There are 31 pictures in this photocast.

You can download it here or at the downloads page.

If you’re unfamiliar, a photocast is a bunch of pictures you can download and look at on your own computer. It’s in a zip format, so looking at it on an iPad is probably impossible. But don’t worry, I’ll have something Apple-related in a day or three.

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