A Problem with the Healthcare System

I think we all have our own stories about the healthcare system. Because of these stories, I think we all have our own theories as to why it’s so screwed up.  Here’s mine:

click to enlarge

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Circled in green – $156.00 – is how much some generic bloodwork cost. Because I have insurance, however, the hospital gave me a discount of the amount circled in red – $137.26 This means that on this particular occasion they paid the amount circled in yellow: $14.99, leaving me with a bill for $3.75.

Had I no insurance, the $156 would’ve been mine to pay.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  If I have no insurance they don’t charge as much?

I take that back.  A blood test costs whatever it goddamn costs.  If it’s $156 or $15, it costs whatever it costs.  This is the only business I can think of where the customer is charged a different amount based on what card they choose to pay with.

“That sour cream is 47 dollars.  Oh, you’re paying with a Kroger Card?  89 cents please.”

Waitaminute.  Grocery stores already do that.  Maybe insurance companies aren’t so evil.

I’ve given me a lot to think about.


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  1. […] A few posts ago I noted one of the problems I have with the current health system in the U.S.: namely insurance companies not paying the same price as individuals pay for the same service. Today, I’d like to rant a minute about the cost of those services. […]

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