A fried of mine hates Christmas. He doesn’t see the point. All of his friends and family are middle class and could easily afford to buy the things they ask for for Christmas. Conversely, he never gets anything good for Christmas because he buys everything he needs.

I’m sort of in the same boat; however, I’ve found a solution. The trick is to buy people something they want, but something they wouldn’t get for themselves; conversely, the trick is to ask for something you want but you wouldn’t buy for yourself.

Case in point: Fringe.

I could get lost in that oddly-shaped face all day.

When it first aired. I thought it would be a fun little show (like The X-Files) where the writers could take these vague science-y themes and turn them into a not-so-melodrama. Plus it had Pacey.

I sort of lost track of Fringe, though, once it started to pick up steam. I had a good reason (click here). I actually forgot about it until the series finale. Then I started looking up the synopses and found that this might be a show worth watching. Not buying, just watching. Since we have no cable, and since we still have dial-up internet, the only available option was DVD. But I’m not spending $200 on a TV show I might not like; that’d be like marrying someone because you heard they were a good cook.  And then came Christmas.

My brother bought The Wife all five seasons. We’ve been watching an episode a day. So far, Fringe has been a mixed bag. Not as impressive as Lost, but not as disappointing as Two Broke Girls (how could an all-female version of a Two and a Half Men go wrong?).

I’ll let you know how it goes season by season.


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