My Kids Will Have a Better Life

As I’m packing things up to move to our new house, I noticed something terrific:

No matter how much shit my kids accumulate over their lifetime, they will never have more than I have.


This is a picture of every piece of media I own.  Every book, CD, movie, video game, and picture that I own is contained in these boxes.  It’s (almost literally) a ton of boxes.  My kids will never own movies.  They’ll never have music, books, or video games in a physical form.  They probably won’t even have posters on their wall.  

It makes me sad that they won’t experience the same things I did: waiting for months to finally play Super Mario Bros. 3 or combing through isles of albums because, even though it’s old, The Wall is somehow always sold out.

But it makes me happy that they won’t get hernias.  


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