Before and After

I never realized how much I’ve done on the house until it was time to leave.

I was just standing under the archway I built, looking at the walls I put up, feeling the cool breeze of the air conditioner I had put in, and I started to remember little flashes of memories from all over the house.

  • My dad came down and help me build the shed; we only thought it’d take one day but it took almost three.
  • The Wife and I built the partition between the basement and the utility room – but we forgot to make an opening for the conduit in the ceiling.
  • My brother helped install the fake wood floor in the now-playroom after Jill spilled wine all over the wine-colored carpet.
  • I added wainscoting and chairrails in the once-nursery-now-office so that it could be turned into anything after Lemon moved into her bedroom.
  • We found a headboard we liked, but it was more than $300 so I made one myself for about $120.
  • I spent more time with The Wife’s dad than I ever would have otherwise because of everything he knows about drywall and plumbing.
  • I added shelving and an access wall in the laundry room while The Wife was at work.  It was the best anniversary gift I ever gave her.

I did a lot.

Here’s what it looked like when we moved in:

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Here’s what it looked like when we left:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Like leaving a job I love for one that pays me handsomely, I know this is for the best.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t miss it.


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