Why I Hate Lawyers (part 3)

I talked about this before (and before again).  The title work for the old house is still on-going.

The newest:

Last week we were ready to sign the papers for the construction of the New House (possible AKA: Ikead) so I figured I should call the various parties involved with the papers for selling the Old House (AKA The Shoebox).  It’s good that I do this because this is how I found out that there was a second, more-intensive inspection – which the house failed – and it’s also how I found out that I had some foundation work to do before the closing of the house (I had to buy 50 special $2.50 screws).   This week I got a response that says:

The website says denied.  Until I get a hard copy, I won’t know why.

I found that there is a very simple, obvious, non-infuriating reason why this (hopefully) final paperwork has been denied.

You see, the mess started 10 years ago when I bought my house.  Originally, Merrill Lynch held the mortgage and was responsible for getting stuff done.  Since then, LaSalle Bank has bought the division of Merrill Lynch where my mortgage is held.  So, in order to process the paperwork properly, someone somewhere needs a piece of paper that says LaSalle Bank can sign papers on behalf of Merrill Lynch.  It’s understandable that this would take three months.


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