Clearing Land

We decided not to build the house this winter.  There’s a dozen reasons why, but mostly it’s because we don’t want to have an outstanding loan for the new house and an outstanding (albeit ten-year-old) loan for the old house.

However, I do want to clear the land and start cutting up the remaining wood.

Maybe I’ll get to buy a chainsaw.


All of the trees that you see are someone else’s.


If you’d like some wood chips, I have a metric ton.


With all this wood, I’m sure there’s some sort of erection joke here, but I’m out of practice.


One Response

  1. […] Like the sidewalk permit, I find this one odd.  Why would I buy a piece of land if I don’t have the option of clearing it out for the purpose of living on it?  Or for the purpose of building a volleyball court for nudists?  The reason they want a permit for it is because I need permission to cut down each individual tree.  Every one of them.  You can see the results here. […]

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