Permits (part 2)

Story the Fifth: Driveway Permit

This is an actual picture of my driveway.

A driveway permit is pretty easy.  It’s run by the county, which has always been a society of left-overs (a county government only does what cities can’t do and what state refuse to do).  I paid like $50 and they told me to drive some stakes in the ground around the place I thought my driveway might be.  They really just need an approximation of what I want and where I want it, knowing that I might change my mind later; they don’t have the staff or the desire to get too technical on elevations and square footage.  They are, however, still a government entity.  And like any good government, they want more money.

After the fifty bucks is paid, they come out and inspect.  If it is determined that a ditch is needed, I’ll owe another $500.  If they determine a culvert is needed, I’ll owe another $500.  Guess which government entity determines that?  Guess who I write the check out to if they determine I need either of those things?  If you guessed the county road commission, then you’re aware of how government functions.

That’d be like getting your oil changed and having Jiffy Lube impound your car until you pay for the mandatory cabin air filter replacement.


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