Traditional Furnishings

People are starting to ask questions that make me angry: Why isn’t this closet bigger?  Shouldn’t your garage be longer?  Do you think this cream is going to go with this green?  I cannot change these things now.

I asked you a year ago, I asked you six months ago.  Your response: I think it’ll look good.  Now: I’m thinking the toilet should be about five or six inches more toward the wall.

Well it’s not.  Stop it.

I didn’t get cedar siding because it’s too much upkeep.  I didn’t do steel shingles because the shingles I got have the exact same warranty (and the house is so tall that no one would be able to see my $20,000 roof anyway).  I’m not doing spray foam insulation because I got the high density fiberglass stuff (half the price of spray foam and a difference of about R2).

Stop asking stupid questions.  Stop suggesting things that I can’t change.  If you’d like to suggest something, suggest how I might be able to sound-proof the bathroom on the main floor that’s right next to the kitchen.  Suggest whether I should move the partition wall in the basement.  Suggest how I might tile my living room without going broke.  But please stop suggesting that I get all-wood windows or that I should get a LP oven or that I should add a bathroom in the basement.

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