Pretty much everything that has been done to the house has been done by other people.  It’s not that I couldn’t do it, but it would take me forever.

I can frame the house, but it’d take me a year.  I can do the plumbing, but it’d take me a month.  I can do the wiring, but it’d take me three weeks.  Now we’re getting to the part where I’ll actually be able to contribute.

When I say “contribute”, people always misunderstand my intentions.  I don’t mean, “I want to be able to tell people that I helped build the house”, and I don’t mean that I want to lie to my kids about “I did everything, from design to execution.”  I mean that I want to put a little sweat into the place I plan on living the rest of my life.  I don’t think people appreciate a thing when it’s given to them (or, in this case, if they just pay for it with a loan).  I want to actually care for these things.

I hope my kids never mistake this for cotton candy. Or actual cotton.

I want to put in the insulation because it’s a crappy job. After that, I’d like to put in the floor because it takes forever.  Once that’s done, maybe I can do the finish electric or plumbing.  I can put my own mailbox in or hang my own cabinets.  I’d like to say this house is mine because I actually did something to earn it, not just pay off 360 minimum payments.

…and that’s what’s wrong with these kids today.


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