Insulation Addendum

I’ve spent the last two weeks or so putting up insulation.

Every part of me looks like this. Every part.

Yes my skin itches, yes my eyes are bloodshot, and yes I’m afraid to have any “alone time” with The Wife because I don’t know where on my body I have fiberglass hiding.

I noticed when I was done with the exterior walls that I had about a dozen rolls of insulation left.  When I contacted the builder, he said that they ordered insulation through a different distributor; he ordered Owens-Corning and he received CertainTeed.  One has rolls about twice the size of the other, so, in short, I got double the insulation at half the price.  I used it to insulate the joists between the first and second floors and all the walls (I still had three rolls left over).

After doing all that work I started to consider some “sound-proofing”.  It’s in quotes because I don’t really need to keep sound from escaping any particular room – I’m not a serial killer nor do I own a sex-swing – I just want a place to take a whiz without grossing out the family while they’re eating cereal for dinner (for the third time this week; I’m rich).  My original plan was to insulate the ceiling and to build double-walls around all the important loud-sound areas (bathrooms nearest to a Big Boy and the laundry room that shares a wall with my bedroom).  That was a no-go as those walls have electrical boxes on them, which have already been inspected.

What I thought an “RC Channel” was.

I had all but given up when I called the drywall guy to schedule a measurement walkthrough.  He said to use “Resilient Channels” (actually he said “use RC channeling”, which, as a child of the 80s, I thought meant “radio-controlled contact”), which are cheap, plentiful, and apparently work well.  It cost about $300 extra to put these around the bathrooms, the laundry room and on the ceiling of the first floor.

With the insulation and the channeling, these rooms are as soundproof as I’m comfortable with (if they were more soundproof, I’d be scared about leaving the children in the bathtub in order to go call 900 numbers while exploring the Silk Road; you know, as one does)

It’s the best way to get crushed-up Pez without alerting the authorities.


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