A Squeaky Wheel

Great news!

Remember that bill for $6500 from Consumer’s Energy?  Well I called and asked to speak to a supervisor and complained and everything and… let’s just say the squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease.

The new guy explained the situation:

He was able to find a spot closer to my house.  He said instead of coming down from a pole, digging to across the street, boring a hole under the street, coming onto my land, dragging the line south to a pad transformer, and then digging a line north again to my house, we was able to find a spot already south of my house where he can bore under the street, north to where they originally planned, and finally to my house.  He was able to save me more then five hundred dollars.

Normally I would be thrilled, but the bill was about five thousand dollars higher than expected.  I needed a little more information.  So I said, “Why can’t you just extend the line from the lady next door?  Or go directly across the street?”  He said he couldn’t obtain easements.

What are those?  I didn’t know either.  I had to look them up.

Apparently, they’re disputed pieces of land where someone else might technically own them but you might be expected to take care of them (or vice versa).  Like sidewalks: you don’t own that concrete – try putting a hot tub on it.  The easements that I’m concerned with are the ones that are connected to power lines.  Consumer’s Energy owns many easements throughout the state, but they don’t own them all.  They don’t own the one next door and they don’t own the one across the street; they have to ask permission to use those.  The owners didn’t give that permission.  My future neighbors cost me $6000.

I think I’ll throw a “moving in” party, invite my neighbors, lace everything with eyedrops and call us even.

Or, considering the neighborhood, I’ll throw a fundraiser:



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