I’m Selling My New House!

Who knew this would all become so quickly antiquated? I did. Here’s another prediction: personal printers aren’t very useful. Also, Marvel movies are going to fizzle out after the next Captain America.  And we will keep dumbing down the definition of “coffee” until we’re all eating Zagnuts and saying, “Don’t even talk to me before I’ve had my morning Nut.”

I’ve said quite a few times that this is the house I want to live the rest of my life in.  I like how the kids can walk to the neighbors’ house (instead of calling them on a ham radio because even cell phones don’t work where I used to live), I like how I can still flush the toilets if I lose power (which, with the premium I’m paying on electrical hookup, better damn-well be never), and I like how I’ve designed it so everything has its place and it’s future-friendly (I didn’t hook up an antiquated “media closet” or anything).

But this house is for sale.  It’s about 100 yards away and it’s not much bigger than my house:


If anyone wants to make an offer, I’ll sell.


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