Holy Crap! Electricity!


You may remember my rant from six weeks ago (which, by the way, was six weeks in the making) about the ridiculousness of Consumer’s Energy.  Here’s how everything went down:

  1. I called to schedule electrical hookup.  They said they’d charge me about $300 and get it done right away.
  2. They needed a survey in order to complete the order.  I gave it to them.
  3. They sent a letter saying it would be $6500 to complete my order.
  4. I received a letter saying that I had to sign a release and that it had to be notarized before they scheduled anything.
  5. I received an email saying that another household got the same letter and nothing would be scheduled until they signed the release and it had been notarized.

Today I got a phone call saying that the work is now being scheduled.  It’s a multi-phase, multi-department effort:

Next week (because there’s simply no way they could get to this with only three month’s notice) one department is coming out to figure out where any current utilities are so that they can bury the electrical wire around these utilities.  A few days later another department is coming out to stake where the lines are going to go.  After that, a third team will be sent out to set the transformer and pad in place.  Then, sometime later, a different set of guys will come out to bore a hold under the road in the pre-staked spot.  Once’s that’s done, a different team from a different department will come out and make small trenches so that the lines can be buried (I asked.  The digging-under-the-road team and the digging-beside-the-road department are two different departments).  Finally, they’ll send out an electrician to hook up the wire to my meter.

All in all, something that I asked to be done in early April will be done by late August., early September at the latest.

Democracy works.

2 Responses

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