Ikea Spare Part Kitchen

This much of the kitchen has been put up:


Two more cabinets need to be put up, but I don’t have enough cover panels (for those of you who don’t know, cover panels are pieces of trim that cover up the ugly ends of cabinetry. Most cabinets are made of particle board or some other glued-together leftover wood pieces that don’t look very good.  Most kitchens, however, only have a couple of cabinets with edges that people actually see.  These edges usually have cover panels).  Since I bought these cabinets at Ikea like a year ago, I had to rush down there and pick up two cover panels before the installer went home.

So I drove an hour to Canton, walked directly to the kitchen area and talked to one of the salesman there.  Within 10 minutes I had my pieces ordered.  He even expedited things for me.  He printed a piece of paper and said “go give this to a cashier.  Then just go get the cover panels at “furniture pickup”.

I walked directly to the cashier, paid for the items, walked directly to “furniture pickup” and got them.  I think I was in the store for a total of a half hour.  As I was leaving I thought, “I should probably see if these are dented or anything, since I’m here.”  I looked.  One was.  So I carted it back to the guy I picked it up from and said “Hey.  This one has a dent in it, can I get a new one?”

“You’ll have to take take it over to ‘returns’.”

“But I just got this like 12 seconds ago.”

“You have to take it over to returns because only they can add that to the damaged items list and tell us to give you another one.”

So I walked to returns.  I took a number.  I picked number 911. They were on number 902.  When it was finally my turn (I want to say about 45 minutes later), I walked up to the counter with my couple pieces and the lady argued with me about how to present it to her.  Once that was done, I said, “I JUST got this over at ‘furniture pickup’.  There’s a dent and I’d like a new one.”

We then had a two-minute conversation about only wanting to return the one item and that it’s very rare and frustrating for her to only process one of the items on the cart.

She then gave me a gift card and a printout remarkably like the one I received from the kitchen salesman about an hour earlier.  She said, “Just take this over to the cashier and she’ll get you a new one.”

I said, “So – just to clarify – After waiting in the kitchen salesman line, then waiting in the cashier line, then waiting in the furniture pickup line, then waiting in this line, I now have to go wait again in the cashier line and then one more time at furniture pickup?”

Her reply: “The cashier is the only one that can tell “furniture pickup” that you need a new item.”

As a side note, my brother put together the kids’ bathroom vanity and broke one of the parts.  Since I was in the customer service line, I asked if they had another one of these parts laying around that I could have.  The conversation:

Do you have any spare parts?

What part do you need?

It’s that – I don’t even know the name of it – it’s that part that goes around one of those pegs and then it tightens up the piece…

What piece of furniture are you talking about?

It’s in every peice you sell.

I’m not sure I can help you sir.  When did you buy it?

A while ago.

Let me look you up.

It’s a little cylinder that goes around a peg that you screw into an end-piece.

I can’t seem to find you in the system sir.  Can I see the credit card you may have purchased this item with?


At this point I looked up “ikea instructions on my phone and showed her this picture:

Billy bookcase instructions

She then wrote down the number beside and literally turned around and search through a bin of spare parts.  On the plus side, I got it for free.

So I waited in line for the cashier.  Then I waited in line at “furniture pickup”.  All-in-all, I was at Ikea for about three hours.

Luckily, I got the pieces in time:



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