I’m Done with Retail

Since I’ve start building this house, I’ve seen a TON of mistakes made by people who are supposed to be professionals.  The whole deal with Consumer’s has left a bad taste in my mouth for customer service.  This last exchange I had at the Home Depot has broken me.  I will no longer stay silent and smile as I watch another person screw up their job, and therefore, my job.

Before I get started, let me first say that Home Depot is the worst.  Nothing is where it’s supposed to be (the floor registers are right next to the toilets) and there is never anyone around to help me figure out where things are.  So normally when I’m forced to go there I end up wandering around for 45 minutes when I just went in to get staples (“by the staple guns” you say?  Oh no, it’s by carpets).

The Wife is painting the play room all sorts of little girlie colors.  On the bottom of one wall, she wants a chalk board.  She bought a quart at Home Depot thinking that there would be directions on how to properly apply it.  There isn’t.  The closest is “Use the lowest pile roller offered and roll in one direction.”  I’m not sure what this meant so I drove to the place where she got it and asked the guy at the paint counter.  The following is that conversation verbatim:

Me: Hi.  The Wife bought some chalkboard paint and I was wondering what type of roller I should…

Him: (quickly, without letting me finish) Foam roller

Me: Really?  I tried a foam roller and it was very… bubbly.  It was worse than the three-eighths nap.

Him: (in a sing-songy condescending tone) Was is a high-density roller?

Me: (in an equally sing-songy condescending tone) Do I need a high-density roller?

Him: Yes.

Me.  Ok.  The next time someone comes in and asks for which roller to use for chalkboard paint, please tell them “a high density roller”.  I would’ve bought a regular foam roller, took it home, realized it didn’t work, and then I would’ve come back here angry.

Him: (obviously ignoring what I said) Definitely high-density.  There’s no nap.

Me: Where are those at?

Him: Right here.  These are specialized for that chalkboard paint.

Me: Great.  But I don’t have one of these specialized rollers.  Do they make this in just the small three-inch rolls?

Him: You mean the three-inch standardized rolls?

Me: Yeah.

Him: We don’t carry the standardized rolls.

Me: (emphasizing the ridiculousness of his statement) You don’t carry the standardized rolls?

Him: (not understanding the ridiculousness of his statement) Uh-uh.

Me: (laughing to myself) And we’re done.

I know he makes like $9.00 an hour, and I know this isn’t going to be his career, but I’m tired of dealing with people who deliberately try to mess with me.  So from now on, I’m going to call out everyone I’m not related to on their bullshit.

(an addendum I just thought of: I will NOT do this if there’s a line. I believe we have to start arguing back, but not if there are people waiting).


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