DC is Bad at Copying Marvel

My friends were raving about the Suicide Squad commercial (I refuse REFUSE to call them trailers).  As usual, I disagree.

I started to explain that I never understood the premise of Suicide Squad.  From a writer’s perspective, how does one convince the audience these obviously psychotic people somehow can work together, form a plan, and accomplish a mission (it’s the same reason I won’t read The Hunger Games; the government chooses children to have a Running Man-like contest for 75 years in order to remind the populace that they shouldn’t revolt)?  I mean, I get it from the fan’s perspective.  You get all your favorite villains in one place and watch them bounce off each other…

And then I thought, “These ‘favorite’ villains – the best DC has to offer – are just stupid.

  • Joker: He has to be here.  He’s the only good villain in the bunch
  • Enchantress: She’s possessed by a powerful demon (ok, that’s interesting)
  • Killer Croc: He’s a crocodile/man.
  • Harley Quinn: She’s simply crazy.
  • Deadshot: he’s the world’s best assassin
  • Amanda Waller: she’s the world’s best assassin
  • Slipknot: He’s good with rope.
  • Captain Boomerang: He’s Australian and throws boomerangs.
  • El Diablo: He’s pyrokinetic, which is a neat power, but he’s morally ambiguous.  Also, he’s a latino ex-gang member.
  • Rick Flag: A Captain America-type without the powers, shield, flashy costume, or interesting 1940’s idealism.  He’s a white dude with a flat-top.
  • Modern Tokyo, according to DC

    Katana: She was betrothed to one brother, but the other brother was jealous.  So – just like it is in 21st-century Japan – there was a big sword fight with lots of ninjas and throwing stars where her chashitsu burned down, presumably because one of the whale-oil lanterns got knocked over.  She now wears a kabuki mask and lets her ninjitsu do the talking.

Come to think of it, not only is DC awful at creating villains, they’re also pretty racist.


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