Consumer’s Update

Three weeks ago I got a letter from Consumer’s saying that they have a multi-team, multi-level plan in order to get me the electricity that I already paid for.  Here was the breakdown:

  1. One department figures out where any current utilities are so that they can bury the electrical wire around these utilities.
  2. Another department is coming out to stake where the lines are going to go.
  3. A third team will be sent out to set the transformer and pad in place.
  4. A different set of guys will come out to bore a hole under the road in the pre-staked spot.
  5. A different team from a different department will come out and make small trenches so that the lines can be buried.
  6. They’ll send out an electrician to hook up the wire to my meter.

In under a month they’ve gotten #1, 2, and 4 done.  We live in a wondrous age where I can find any music ever recorded within a few seconds, but it takes eight teams of full-grown men (it took three teams to get #1 completed) over a month to bring a copper wire 60 feet to my front door.

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