The Same Delay

I told you this one was a doozy.

We’re still not in the house.  We still don’t have sewer hookup.  Because we don’t have a sewer hookup, we don’t have water.  Because we don’t have water, the plumbing isn’t officially done.  Because the plumbing isn’t officially done, the electric isn’t officially done.  Because the electric isn’t officially done, the HVAC isn’t officially done.  Because all of those aren’t done, I can’t move in.

It looks like this, but its tires are covered in human shit.

Two weeks ago we were all set to go.  The excavator dug and found no stub.  I called the township office and they said that they had given me the wrong schematic.  The stub was 10 feet to the north.  The excavator dug and found no stub.  The township then sent a “TV” down the pipe (it’s basically a radio-controlled car with a go-pro attached) to see where this stub really is.  It’s under the road.

HA HA! It’s funny AND sad!

The crowd erupts in hilarious applause.  Digging up the road was the one and only reason I wanted to attach to this stub instead of creating my own in the middle of the road in front of my house.

So we got a permit to dig up the road, the stub was attached.  We were all set to finish on Monday.  Then the township came out and said that the excavator was attaching the pipes at the wrong angle.  We need another easement for that process.  That’ll take some time.

It’s been two months since we started the sewer process.  I’ve been with my In-Laws for almost 14 months.

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