House Complete

Since it took like two years to put together, I thought I’d spend a few days and revel in my accomplishment.  So, over the next few days, I’m going to be putting up a bunch of pictures separated by rooms.  Everything is pretty much done.

Today’s focus: the living room


This is the living room/dining room.  Notice the classy futon frame and the large TV that somehow looks too small on that gigantic wall.  Also notice the patio furniture that we decided would make a good dining room set.


This is a close-up of the dining room.  You’ll notice a lack of draperies and life in the plants.  They’ve been in a basement for 15 months; lay off.


This is a closer look at the living room.  I’m supposed to have access to over 1500 channels through the wi-fi system I’ve set up.  But I don’t have internet, so instead I have a digital antenna where I’m able to watch four different PBSs.  Also, the couch is from 1977.  It’s the most comfortable place to sit on earth  (excluding Beanbag Island in the Philippians). 


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