The Fine Print of Water & Sewage

In the house-building process, I’ve had my share of setbacks and overages. The one throughline in each of those cases, though, is that every time something cost me way too much money for no particular reason, it was because of a “community service.” The “overregulated” Consumer’s Energy or Comcast; or, in this case, the bureaucratic township.

In my city, the township runs the waterworks. I recently got this bill from them:


Pretty cheap, right?  but take a look here:


This doesn’t seem so bad:


I’m pretty sure if you any bill goes unpaid, the bank can put a lien against the property until that bill is paid. This is pretty standard too:


Basically every company has their own reasonable policy to address late payments. But here’s what I like:


Now put it all together: It is the prerogative of the township to send a bill on time. If it’s late, I owe an additional 5%. If I don’t pay that 5%, the township can eventually own my house.

As a side-note, I received this bill two days after it was due. I know it’s only an extra dollar, but if I don’t pay it, there could be a huge amount of shit I’ll have to swim through (a man came out to my house while I was at work, took pictures of my property, and then sent me an email saying I installed my silt fence wrong; it’s the world’s most boring stalker).


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