How We Really Got Here (part 5)

To review:

Because of constant internet we’ve turned regular speech into Hyperbolic Speech and any news into Personal News.  Because there is No Longer Religion, any outrageous claims can Now Be Considered Factual.  If you take these ideas and put them together, you get a series of clichés: “A storm is coming” or “you just don’t get it” or “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” or…

Reason 5: “Any Change is Good Change”

I think we can all agree that the political waters of washington have gotten pretty murky.  Like looking at the basement collection of comic books after the sewer backs up – with the number of lobbyists working and the idea that money = speech and the idea that corruption can’t be proven unless there is a direct quid-pro-quo – it’s difficult to see everything we used to love.  More than that, most of what we can see doesn’t add up.

Most Americans aren’t making the money they used to, yet the stock market is astoundingly high.  The people we vote into office are supposed to represent (hence the name) us, yet most politicians vote however they want.  The people who do what they’re supposed to keep getting screwed over while the people who screw up keep getting bailed out.  No one wants another season of Grey’s Anatomy.  People are fed up.


Or, if you’re in Japan, “…that many tentacles in your face.”

We don’t want the same ole same ole because it doesn’t seem to be working.  Something is broken.  “Politician” is literally “one who compromises”, but we don’t see compromise anymore.  We see grown men tweeting their dicks and women getting shouted down because “la-la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you“; as we all know, nothing gets done when there’s that many penises in your face.

So we want something different.  Anything different.  We’ll take professional wrestlers, actors, reality TV stars, and business owners instead.  Even though it never works – check out Florida or North Carolina or Michigan – we keep trying.  And so we get Trump: a business owner, reality TV star, actor, and professional wrestler.

Maybe he can get me that raise I’ve waited a decade for.

Maybe he can get my retirement back.

Maybe he can stop bailing companies out who don’t deserve it.

Maybe he can get the legislature to start listening to me.

Chances are, though, he’ll do what a business owner, reality TV star, actor, and professional wrestler always do: try to fix problems that aren’t problems in order to boast that he fixed problems.


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