Time to Reexamine

Because of my family history, I do my best to avoid certain groups of people.

Some people would say it’s a good rule to avoid felons, but I’ve met some people who’ve been to jail, got their life straightened out, and now live pretty good lives (they still have self-destructive traits like leaving porn on their computer screens, but they try to keep it under control).  We all did stupid stuff when we were younger; we all have that one story that ends with “How are we still alive?”

So, instead of lumping groups of people together – and then consequently avoiding them – for what they’ve done, I’m lumping them together for what they do.

If you do anything on this list, I think it might be time to reassess your life.  Something is broken and you should fix it.

  • If you prepare to watch TV shows more than you prepare for a job
  • If your gas station attendant knows about your health
  • If you regularly drink out of a 2-liter bottle
  • If loud noises are amusing in and of themselves
  • If you have more than 150 college credits but no degree
  • If you have serious discussions about Wrestlemania
  • If you’re between the ages of 25 and 65 and work anyplace with an “apostrophe s” in the title
  • If playing the lottery is a legitimate investment
  • If anything in your house costs more than your house
  • If you get mad at imaginary characters
  • If you do things, not because they’re your responsibility, but because you want to avoid getting in trouble

I’m not saying any of these activities in-and-of themselves makes you a bad person.  It’s just that I don’t know of too many people with a retirement account that share these traits.





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