Back on Track (and other advice that rhymes)


To be fair, some of the excuses are pretty valid.

I know it’s been a while, but that’s mostly because I haven’t done a thing on the comic.  I likely never will.  I took some time off when the kids were born and I took some time off when I built the house and I took some time off when I had my surgery (actually, my plan was, during recovery from heart surgery, I would work on the book – after all, I would be spending weeks just sitting, might as well sit at my drawing desk – it didn’t work out)… no I don’t know where I was.  I’m not even sure if I want to pick up where I left off.

And, like everything else, once I stopped working on Tiny Life, I started filling that time with other activities, some necessary, some not (picking up the kids from school = necessary; giving some serious thought to whether I should start using the phrase “cutting the grass” instead of “mowing the lawn” = unnecessary).  All told, I have about an hour per day where I could actually sit down and do whatever I want.  That doesn’t sound like much, but that’s about a page per week.  That means in about two years, I’ll finish the most recent (I almost wrote “current”, but that’s not the right word anymore) Tiny Life book.

To tell you the truth, I miss it.  I miss the little puzzles an artist has to solve when drawing.  I miss how a page looks when all’s said and done.  I even miss the painstaking monotony of scanning a page and working on it in Photoshop to get it print-ready.  There was a sense of satisfaction in that. Oddly enough, though, that’s not what I miss the most.

What I miss the most is this.  I miss writing up a little something – apropos to the book or not – and thinking my way through an idea.  Sometimes that idea was “Lookit what I done!” and sometimes that idea was talking about how the Harry Potter series (as much as I hate any type of magic) should not be categorized as “young adult fiction” just because the protagonist is a young adult; it’s written for adults.  I miss organizing my thoughts in a compelling way with a beginning, middle, and (most of the time) end.

So I think I’m going to start up again.  I think I might take my hour a day and find something to say.

(also, as I get closer to 40, I’ve noticed myself just staring at a situation and shaking my head instead of actually coming up with a few original thoughts; I think this’ll help me get back storytelling)

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