House Complete Final

In January I made a bunch of posts about my brand-new kick-ass house.  I had a post about the bedrooms and another about the kitchen and even one about closets and storage spaces. Then I forgot to show the outside of it.   Advertisements

House Complete Part the Fifth

Today’s focus: unclassifiable spaces To most people, these spots are not interesting.  These are the places where mops are kept and where winter coats are stored and where The Wife’s life-sized Care Bear costume stays. You probably don’t care, but I find these spaces pretty fascinating.  As the designer of the house, these spaces are necessary and, […]

House Complete Part the Fourth

Today’s focus: my room

House Complete Part the Third

Today’s focus: kids’ rooms     

House Complete Part the Second

Today’s focus: the kitchen

House Complete

Since it took like two years to put together, I thought I’d spend a few days and revel in my accomplishment.  So, over the next few days, I’m going to be putting up a bunch of pictures separated by rooms.  Everything is pretty much done. Today’s focus: the living room

No power

I have no electricity at my house. And yet, I’m writing this. On the internet. In the dark. I realized today that I really don’t need my power company for a whole lot of anything. I don’t really watch TV all that much and I don’t use the refrigerator that often because I buy most of […]