Below is a list of all characters mentioned and/or highlighted thus far in Tiny Life.

Major Characters

Jed Jr. is the main subject of our story. He is not the hero, anti-hero, pop-culture icon, everyman, or savior. His dad messed him up pretty good, but he has an inkling of something greater than his upbringing. He has several friends and yet always feels alone. He is a stick-figure in a world of flesh and often intends to change that.  In “l(a”, Jed has a fear of being alone.  In “left”, we see why.

Jed Sr. is a complicated man.  In “left” we see that he’s an alcoholic, he’s somewhat abusive, and he’s all-but-useless when it comes to raising his son.  However, in “l(a”, it seems that most people have a different view of Jed’s father.  He wasn’t always like this.  In fact, many believe him to be much more sainted than he seemed.  Jed Sr. died before the events in “l(a”.

Jared Richards seems to be a non sequitur.  He appears in “left” at a seemingly random point and says cryptic things.  This is what’s known about him: he’s a failing speech-writer and policy-maker for some governor, he sees his own future, and he knows that in about a decade, Jed Jr. will kill him.
Minor Characters
Roy is Jed’s surrogate father; he’s also the biological father of Fred and Sis. Jed lives with Roy & Peg for a time after being kicked out of Jed Sr.’s house.  It’s obvious he cares about Jed in the sense that he’s his son’s friend; however, as time moves on, Roy starts to think of Jed as his own child.
Peg is Jed’s surrogate mother; she’s also the biological mother of Fred and Sis. Jed lives with Roy & Peg for a time after being kicked out of Jed Sr.’s house.  She mothers Jed because he doesn’t have one and is the authority figure in her family.
Sis is Fred’s sister.  She has long been Jed’s love interest.  In “left” we see that they have always had a connection – possibly first introduced while “dancing” at Jed’s house.  She left home sometime around Jed’s graduation – a few months before the events in “l(a” – to live with her boyfriend in an undisclosed location.
Fred is Jed’s best friend for as long as he can remember.  He’s a very happy-go-lucky kinda guy.  Together, Jed and Fred create all sorts of innocent havoc.  In “left” we see that they used to be neighbors.  In “l(a”, we find out that Jed moved in with Fred when he was kicked out of his father’s house.
Dave is one of Jed’s closest friends from Lower Anjil. He was always pretty weird (he always wears some sort of hat) and he always seemed to have some pretty intense opinions.  In “l(a” we see that these opinions eventually landed him in an insane asylum.
Ducky is Dave’s mom. She is very homely and the subject of a lot of teenage name-calling. Although she means well, she often lets people – especially her son and Jed – take advantage of her.
Penny is Jed Sr.’s girlfriend.  She is ill-tempered and ugly, but her character flaws and addictions help facilitate Jed Sr.’s problems.  She wears a lot of hairspray.
Hastings is Richards’ friend.  He is skeptical about Richards’ abilities, but by the end of “left”, begins to see that Jared just might be able to tell the future.
Old Man: Although we don’t know his name, we do know that he understands a lot about Jed’s life. He knows that he is in a black & white world and he knows the only reason he’s here is because the world is black & white. Jed meets him briefly on a bus back to Lower Anjil in “l(a
Mona: When Jed goes back to Lower Anjil in “l(a” to see his friend Dave, he finds Mona living in Dave’s house. After a lot of talk, we find that she might be a more important figure than she originally let on.
Don: Dave’s uncle/step-dad. Ducky divorced her first husband (Dave’s father) in order to marry her brother-in-law, Don sometime before the events in “l(a“. He’s very short with many medical problems.
Amy: Jed’s first serious girlfriend. Sometime before graduation, Amy went insane. She is now in an asylum.  Before she left, Jed found a journal of hers with a drawing of a one-winged bird. She hasn’t actually been introduced into the series yet.
“Mom” is Jed’s mother. She was killed giving birth to him; Jed suspects that’s why his dad doesn’t like him.All he knows of her is stories his dad tells him and letters he finds from her in “l(a“.

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