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Tiny Life: l(a

The entire l(a novel under one convienient cover!

Banished from his foster family for his bizarre actions, Jed searches out an old friend and a new place to live. Unfortunately, in order to find this friend, Jed must journey to the most miserable place he’s ever known: his childhood home. Eccentric characters – including an all-but-invisible old man, a former nun who had an extraordinary relationship with his late father, and an oddly morose narrator – line the way. Ultimately, his search leads him to learn divine truths about both his father and his own unusual existence.

120 pg – $9.95 (free shipping)

Tiny Life: left

Taking place almost a decade before the events of the last book, “left” contains the reasons why Jed doesn’t trust his dad or the seemingly-saintly status he attained in “l(a”. As far as he knows, his dad abandons him for no apparent reason. As far as he knows, all of his friends just happen to be leaving as well. As far as he knows, the red dot that chases him has no purpose. And as far as he knows, the failed political speechwriter who understands his life’s purpose is not out to kill him.

But then again, he’s only eleven; he has time.

120 pg – $9.95 (free shipping)

Jed Jr.: Issue 1

Jed Jr.” was originally the first book in the series, but it was decided that we should see a bit of background about our hero before jumping in.  In this issue, Jed attends his dad’s funeral alone. Meanwhile, we find that Jared (our not-yet villain), finds himself in a sudden position of wide-reaching influence.  Also, the morose narrator returns for one chapter before disappearing with a macabre prediction.

Jed Jr.: Issue 2

Amy enters Jed’s life; she seems oddly intimate with someone who is so shy. Through various games he plays with Fred, we see Jed as how his friends see him: a fun-loving guy with a tragic past who needs nothing more than to connect with someone.

left: Issue 1

left” takes place several years before the events in “l(a”. Jed Sr. is still alive and Jed is still living with him.  Because of his reaction to Jed’s adolescent curiosity, it’s easy to see how people assumed Sr. was so saintly; it’s also easy to see why Jr. assumed he was so inept.

left: Issue 2

While pretending to be a robot (he is, after all, only eleven), Jed overhears his father accepting Penny’s offer to move in with them.  He reacts the way a young boy should: he pulls a prank.  The events following this prank haunt Jed for the rest of his life and set the stage for the remainder of “left”.

left: Issue 3

After discovering that he’s alone, Jed does what anyone would: he finds comfort in his friends.  Some of this comfort is unfounded (Dave and Ducky) and some of it is short-lived (Fred and Sis).  Along the way Jed unlocks something terrible, both in himself and in a seemingly harmless failed speechwriter by the name of Jared Richards.

left: Issue 4

Jared Richards has found that he’s able to see his own future.  In it, he’s seen that he’s murdered by Jed in a little more than ten years time. Separately, once he’s discovered that his friends cannot replace his family, Jed finds himself stealing to survive.  It’s at this point that these two stories merge for an instant.

left: Issue 5

Jed debates on the subject of what to do about his dad while Jared debates on the subject of what to about Jed.  After decisions are made, a familiar face returns to Jed’s home to a mixed reception.  Jared, however, seems to have resolved to do something sinister in order to avoid his foreseen demise at Jed’s hands.

l(a: Issue 1

This is the first issue of the series as well as the first issue of Book 5: “l(a”. Jed has just been kicked out of his second home for some unkown, yet horrible, reason. He is given some money by his adopted father and dropped off at the local bus station. He decides to go back to his first home in Lower Anjil so that he may stay with an old friend, Dave, for a few days unitl he gets things straightened out. On the way, he meets a weird old woman and a really weird old man. The narrator is unnaturally cryptic and seems to have an agenda of his (her?) own.

l(a: Issue 2

The second issue of “l(a” starts with a flashback. A few months ago, after Jed’s true love left with her boyfriend, after his actual girlfriend went crazy and was institutionalized, and after his friends left for college, Jed is a little distraught; he’s lonely and can’t see a way out. He asks Roy for advice, and Roy tells him to “focus on the details,” which the cryptic narrator seems to agree with. Back in the present, Jed is helping Mona, the weird old woman, look through boxes to find where Dave may have moved to. Through their conversations, Jed learns that Mona was a friend to his late father. This scares him, so he leaves to find his first home.

l(a: Issue 3

After failing to find what he was looking for, Jed walks to his childhood home: a dilapidated suburban house where no one has lived since his family abandoned it years ago. While looking through the closets, Jed finds correspondence between his mother and father. Two secrets about Jed Sr. are revealed that will reverberate throughout the entire series.

l(a: Issue 4

In a flashback, we see that Jed’s OCD is getting more and more severe as the narrator seems to have hold of Jed’s thoughts. Back in the present, Jed is looking for his friend, Dave, so that they might be able to live together long enough for Jed to get his life in order. Instead, he finds that Dave has gone insane and has left an entire room full of reasons why. More than one of them points back to Jed.

l(a: Issue 5

Strange things have happened to Jed over the last few days, the strangest being that it is possible his late, alcoholic, all-but-useless father was the greatest religious figure the world will ever know. In this final chapter of “l(a”, Jed receives more evidence as more questions arise. In a flashback, we see just why Jed was kicked out of his foster home.

Unpublished Material:

Tiny Life Demos

This collects all previously unreleased Tiny Life-related comics that were made between 1994 and 2003 with additional commentary added in 2007. Nothing in the collection relates to anything currently being published. Included: Tiny Life (Unpublished 2006 Version), Jed Jr.: The First Couple O’ Years, Jed Jr. #0, Faces of Jed, and Steel Fro #27.

446 pages / Magazine Size

Steel Fro #27

This was my first and only collaborative effort. A friend of mine, Jason Harris, demanded that I draw an issue of Steel Fro (a character we created during drivers’ training in 1994). After more than five years of prodding, he finally got me to do it.

24 pages

Faces of Jed

This was created in 1996 as I was finishing Jed Jr. #0 and as I was collecting poster books. Originally, I wanted 22 different creators to draw a quick sketch of Jed so that I could sell a poster book of my favorite character. Each of the 22 said ‘no.’ Instead, I imitated their art. I drew every single page! None of the artists mentioned did any of the drawings!

24 pages / Magazine Size

Jed Jr. #0

This was created in 1995-1996 throughout different classes in high school. It was my first real attempt at drawing a completed narrative. I failed. However, I still use many of the lessons (and characters) that are highlighted in this book.

44 pages / Magazine Size

Jed Jr.: The First Couple O’ Years

This is a very amateurish parody of The Man Without Fear by Frank Miller. I made it when I was 14 on a dare.

148 pages / Magazine Size

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