Nick Jones grew up in a dinky town in Mid-Michigan. Because of this, he has a fondness for being alone and a fondness for blowing small things way out of proportion. Although these are bad qualities in a person, they are good qualities in a writer.

His first self-published title, Jed Jr.: The First Couple O’ Years, was published while he was in 9th grade and was finished during his time as a coat check in a local restaurant. Ever since that first taste of self-publishery, he has concentrated most of his time on the not-too practical art that is graphic.

He lives in Charlotte, Michigan.

If you’re still interested, click on a link to learn more:

Unsolicited Jewel Cases
Commissioned Art

If you would like to contact Sliver ltd. or Nick Jones, you’ll be able to in any of the following ways:

  • Via email:
  • Via the Tiny Life Facebook Page
  • Via AIM: under the username “sliverltd”
  • Via Phone: (517) 983-3113
  • Via US Mail: Sliver ltd. PO Box 461, Charlotte, MI 48813, USA
If you’d like to contact penciler Nicolas Colacitti, he’s only reachable at

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